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This policy sets out how King’s Evangelical Divinity School collects, stores, uses and shares your data.

King’s collects student data via an online admission form for the purposes of processing applications and managing student files for the duration of your programme of study. This data is stored on a secure server and/or password-protected office computers. The relevant parts of the application form (excluding contact details) are also shared with senior members of UK faculty tasked with admission decisions, after which such copies are deleted. Upon completion of your programme of study the original admission form is deleted and only your name, contact details and grades are retained for future reference requests. Upon accepting an offer to study at King’s, the school adds your name and email address to the student email database through which news and notices integral to your studies are disseminated. Upon completion of your programme of study those details are deleted. King’s also operates an email newsletter database with news about the work and ministry of the school. This database only stores names and email addresses. Anyone wishing to receive this newsletter must opt in and can choose to opt out at any time. King’s operates social media accounts, allowing students and others to follow school pages and accounts. We do not store details of social media followers, which is managed by the social media companies. If you enrol on a university validated programme through King’s, we will share your name, contact details and date of birth with the University of Chester for the purposes of university enrollment.

You should refer to the university’s own privacy policy for details of how they store and use this data. Other than for enrolment on University of Chester courses, King’s does not share student data with third parties.

When you first enrol you will be invited to create an eCampus account to access courseware. This eCampus account is unique to you and should never be shared with third parties. Your account records details of your name, city, email address and eCampus activity. Upon completion of your programme of study this account is deleted.

When taking payments by credit or debit card King’s uses the Worldpay merchant system. When Worldpay requests your details and takes your payment, none of your financial data is passed on to King’s. We receive and retain a copy of the payment receipt for our financial records.

All of the data management systems detailed above (admission forms, student files, student email databases, eCampus and payments) are unlinked and stored separately, so that a data breach of one system does not provide access to all the data stored for each student.